About Us

Edenfield Family Care is a leading approved provider of Residential Care based in South Australia. With three aged care facilities in the portfolio. We are a preferred provider for senior living in South Australia and pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering a care solution driven by compassion, understanding and pride in what we do, and believe in.

As a family owned and operated business, our pursuit to deliver aged care is underpinned by an ideology of “caring for your family like our own”. This statement is a key component of our vision and is why we are perceived as the solution for senior Australians looking for premium accommodation, exceptional care and the highest quality services.

Originally commencing operations with one aged care facility, our commitment to providing a product that is driven by actively collaborating and engaging with our residents to provide a level of care that allows maintenance of existing lifestyle has seen us expand to three aged care facilities.

These being:

  1. Edenfield Family Care Nerrilda
  2. Edenfield AM Ramsay Village
  3. Edenfield Family Care

Over the past 12 months, we have grown from 50 beds to 158. We are different to other providers in the industry. Our commitment is to our residents and ensuring that we allow them to live their own lives. It isn’t just an aged care facility, it is a community, an ecosystem created to allow an easy transition into a new phase of life.

We are Edenfield Family Care and we exist to allow our residents to control their own journey.