Covid-19 Coronavirus

21st April 2020


I would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding as we manage the risk of COVID-19. This is a difficult time for all and I can assure you our teams are working very hard to keep your loved one as safe, happy and comfortable as possible.

You will have noticed in the media that Australia is making excellent progress in containing the virus. This has been achieved mostly by restricting people’s movements and mandating social distancing requirements. At this stage, thankfully no residents or staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

So what has happened so far?

Keeping you, your loved ones, our employees and their families, and all the people who normally support our homes safe is our highest priority.  We commenced ‘lock down’ in our facilities last month. This fast acting measure has ensured all the residents and staff have been kept safe and healthy.

So far we have:

  • Introduced a residents mobile phone and tablets for communication with families to all of our homes
  • Modified our lifestyle activities so our residents can safely socialise
  • Educated our residents and employees on how to wash hands properly
  • Introduced Telehealth in our homes
  • All staff are taking their temperatures on arrival to their shift, this is closely monitored by the management team.
  • We have additional hand sanitiser and bacterial wipes throughout our homes and offices
  • Organised a ‘drive by’ for families and friends to drive past the facilities and ‘wave hello’ to your loved ones.
  • Employed a Quality and Compliance Manager to oversee Clinical Governance across our homes

PPE and equipment

Edenfield Family Care has enough supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If there was a future outbreak we have resources to have more PPE supplies delivered. There are strict guidelines on when employees do and do not have to use PPE. Staff are currently completing mandatory COVID-19 online training. The link is listed below if you would like to complete some training for COVID-19:

Please view the Australian Government guidelines on wearing PPE:

Flu Vaccination

The Government has decided that all employees, General Practitioners, allied health professionals and visitors must have a current flu vaccination by 1 May 2020 to be able to enter a residential aged care home. This is an additional protection for aged care residents.

We strongly encourage you to receive the flu vaccination. Please view:

Once you have received your flu vaccination, please send the proof of vaccination to email: . Alternatively, you can drop of this information to the reception area of the facility.

Please ensure when providing proof of vaccination you include the information below:

Associated resident: example TOM SMITH – Nerrilda

Details of: your name and contact phone number

Relationship to the resident: EPOA, POA, Guardian, NOK, wife, husband, sibling, etc.

Please also attach your proof of your flu vaccination

What’s been happening in our homes?

All the facilities have been really busy. Lifestyle teams have been very creative for residents and busy organising the ‘drive by and extra activities.

The drive by for residents was a huge success for all facilities; it was wonderful to see all the happy, smiling faces and the effort that all the families went to!

The Auxiliary has kindly donated IPads, board games, magazines and books for Ramsay and Nerrilda. Edenfield Family Care are extremely grateful to have the Auxiliary support these facilities and their motto of ‘Enriching the lives of our residents’ could not be more true.

3rd April 2020 

Dear all representatives,


Facility Lock Down & Flu Vaccine

The Commissioner of Police has announced further restrictions on entry to residential aged care facilities to assist in managing the risk of COVID19 infection.  To ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of our residents, please read this information carefully.

As you know, we have been taking steps to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection, including the lock down of the facility and reminding everybody of the importance of hand hygiene and minimising physical contact between people.

  1. Visitors and Staff Vaccinations

The new directions require all visitors and staff to receive the flu vaccine by 1st May.

While the vaccine does not protect against COVID19, it is important that we continue to manage the risk of influenza as we approach the flu season. If you are entering our facility after 1st May you must have been vaccinated against flu.  At this stage there are no exemptions allowed by the Police Commissioner.

  1. Prohibition on Re-entry

The Police Commissioner has also prohibited residents who leave a facility, other than for medical or dental appointments, from re-entering the facility.  This is to reduce the risk of residents becoming infected while on outings and potentially infecting others.

  1. Lock Down Update

We know that many of you are concerned about your loved ones and due to COVID-19 lock down many of you cannot have the constant contact you would usually have.

Unfortunately, all of our lives have changed. Every single staff member is working their hardest to ensure this virus does not come into the facility. All staff are washing their hands frequently, and it is mandatory that staff take their temperature before they commence their shift to keep the risk to themselves and the residents low.

As you know the risk to an elderly person can be fatal. We would ask that you do refrain from coming to your loved ones windows and chatting to them as the residents are opening the windows and this goes against the social distancing distance rules.

It is also taking a lot of our Registered Staff’s valuable time policing the perimeter of the facility concerned for resident’s safety as not all staff are aware of who is at the resident’s windows. Some residents have also reported that there are strangers outside of windows, as some residents are not sure why you are near their window, which can be frightening for them. If you wish to communicate with your loved one, we have several forms of communication:

  • Skype – Username for Parafield Gardens is:
  • Skype – Username for Ramsay is:
  • Skype – Username for Nerrilda is:
  • Residents Mobile Phone – This phone has been allocated for resident use only to call you and keep in touch.
  • Email – Please ensure we have your current email address or phone numbers to keep you updated with all the activities and fun that is happening in the home!
  • The lifestyle team will keep you up to date with the resident’s day to day activities once a week and the Registered Staff will continue to keep the NOK or EPOA updated with anything as per usual. This clinical update may not be once a week, it will be as per the normal calls you would usually receive.

Edenfield Family Care facilities continue to be updated by the Department of Health to keep the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our residents as a top priority.  We will be in communication with you as soon as any new updates occur. We will also notify you if any resident or staff member is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We really appreciate your cooperation with this new situation we are all in,

16th March 2020

Dear all representatives,


Facility Lock Down

We know that many of you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and how it might impact those at Edenfield Family Care facilities. Our top priority is to ensure residents are cared for in a reliable and healthy environment. We also need your help. Please see below what we are doing to keep residents safe and the ways in which you can help prevent COVID-19 from entering or spreading throughout our community.

Currently in our facility, we do not have any cases of COVID-19. To restrict the potential for this virus to enter into our facilities, we are implementing the facilities to be locked down as of:

Tuesday 17th March 2020

We understand how important it is to connect with loved ones, and there are a variety of other options for keeping in touch. Consider communicating via telephone, email or sms etc if possible.

  • Update contact details – Please be sure we have your most current emergency contact information. We want to effectively and efficiently communicate with you should any new developments arise. Please email: and ensure you include the residents name and facility they are residing in with any change of details. If you have an email address, this is the most convenient way to contact families in these situations.
  • There are circumstances if a resident is palliative or at the end of life stage, this situation will be managed with those families affected and the clinical staff.

If permission has been sought to visit a resident, please adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Sign in the Visitors sign is book that is supplied. All sign in books will now be at the Reception area and access to the facilities will only be through one door if the facility has multiple entry and exit doors.
  2. We also ask that all visitors wear an identifying VISITOR’S sticker – This will allow all staff to recognise that you have signed in the sign in book and washed your hands upon entry. These are available at the sign in book.

Edenfield Family Care facilities continue to be updated by the Department of Health to keep the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents as a top priority.

We will be in communication with you as soon as any new updates occur. We will also notify you if any resident or staff member is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We really appreciate your cooperation with all these updates and changes,

13th March 2020


Information about Coronavirus direct from Public Health:

Edenfield Family Care continues to closely monitor the Department of Health website for aged care-specific updates:

We also monitor the SA Health website for regular updates on state cases and local resources:

The main signs and symptoms to monitor for are:

  • Fever (temperatures ≥ 38 degrees Celsius)
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Shortness of breath

Visiting restrictions

At this stage our position on visitors to our Facilities continues to be the following:

  • If you have travelled through any of the following countries:
  • Mainland China
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • South Korea

Please do not enter into any aged care Facilities for 14 days, and then only if you continue to be symptom free.

  • For all other international travel

We are requesting that you refrain from visiting our facilities unless it is considered a necessary visit, or until you have cleared 14 days and you are symptom free of any respiratory tract illness symptoms.

If you or a person you know is unsure, we are requesting you contact the facility prior to visiting and seek advice on your individual concerns.

Please be aware that as we monitor the COVID-19 cases nationally and within the state that these may change, and we will keep our residents and their primary contacts up to date with any changes as they occur.

We also encourage you to regularly check this page for changes as they will be updated here also for your information.

What can you do to assist with stopping the spread?

  • Keeping up to date with the Department of Health advice
  • Regular hand washing using soap and water, or cleaning hands using an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Social distancing – even if you are feeling well, keeping your distance from larger crowds and groups reduces your risk of being exposed to others who may be unwell
  • Self-isolation and seeking early medical attention if you are feeling unwell, especially with any of the signs and symptoms above

What will happen if an employee or resident contracts Coronavirus?

If an employee or resident is suspected as contracting a respiratory illness:

  • Residents will be supported in maintaining isolation and social distancing within their home environments, their medical practitioner advised for medical support, and their comfort and care needs attended to as we would with any other respiratory illness. They will be tested for a range of respiratory viruses including COVID-19 as a precaution, and we will be in contact with their primary contacts throughout this process.
  • As with our residents, our employees’ health and welfare is just as important as our residents.

Any staff member who meets the Department of Health travel criteria or contact with others who are unwell, and the suspect they may have contracted a respiratory illness, we work with them to ensure they are self-isolating and seeking appropriate testing.

Reduced lifestyle services

Edenfield Family Care facilities continue to review lifestyle activities in line with local and national cases, and infection prevention activities.

At this time activities in which social distancing are unable to be managed.  At this time intergenerational activities involving school aged children will not be continuing and any bus outings to busy locations.

This is likely to change in the coming days and weeks and we will be in communication with our residents and primary contacts when these occur.

 Stocks and supplies

Edenfield Family Care continues to have good stock supplies for both current daily use and additional stock, and this is regularly monitored.

We are in regular contact with our suppliers and have been assured by the Federal Government that we will continue to be supported with our stock levels in the coming weeks.

11th March 2020


Dear all Visitors & Staff,

If you, or someone you have had contact with, have undertaken any international travel since 21st February 2020:

If you travelled through any of the following countries: 

  • Mainland China
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • South Korea

Please do not enter this Facility for 14 days and then only if you continue to be symptom free.

For all other international travel:

We are requesting that you refrain from visiting our facility unless it is considered a necessary visit, or until you have cleared 14 days and you are symptom free of any respiratory tract illness symptoms.

These restrictions are directed at taking a low-risk approach in minimising the risk of COVID-19 entering any of our facilities.

Should you have any queries, please call the Manager on site prior to visiting.