Our Team

Our Management Team boasts decades of experience in running successful aged care facilities in <state>. Our focus on having the right people, with the right skills and the right experience ensures that our residents receive the highest quality of care and a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle. It also gives families peace of mind that they have access to proven experience.

Jesse Selvarajah
Managing Director

Jesse is Managing Director of Edenfield Family Care Group. Jesse directs all aspects of the business at the corporate and facility levels. This includes strategic planning, financial management, property development, executive and facility management. Jesse has over 20 years experience in the health industry and holds a Bachelor in Business (Management and International Business).

Cheryl Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl is Chief Executive Officer of Edenfield Family Care Group. Cheryl has over thirty years experience managing residential aged care facilities. She has worked for large aged care providers in the corporate roles of Learning and Development Manager and Leadership Mentor / Coach. Cheryl is a Registered Nurse and holds an Advanced Diploma in Management. She guides and influences strategic planning, financial management, property development, executive and facility management. Her passion is to C.A.R.E. for “our family”, as if they were her own. This includes the care of our carers, our residents and their families.

Barbara Pumpa
Customer Services Manager

Barbara is the Customer Services Manager for Edenfield Family Care Group and is responsible for all aspects of client services, business support and administration for Edenfield Family Care.
Barbara is the point of contact for residents, their family members and friends on matters such as admissions, accounts, appointments and to arrange lifestyle services.
Barbara is also responsible for making the transition to aged care a smooth one for residents and their families. In this role Barbara provides an honest and open relationship with all stakeholders to ensure good relations between staff, management, residents and the local community. Her role is to ensure the levels of service at Edenfield Family Care meet our high standards. Barbara leads the staff on the delivery of exceptional service and ensures continuous improvement in all areas of service to enhance resident’s experience and satisfaction.

Barbara has over 25 years experience in the aged care sector.

Bernice Racanti
Executive Services Manager – Edenfield Ramsay

Bernice is the Executive Services Manager at Edenfield – Ramsay. Bernice has extensive experience working in the health care industry, with 24 of these years  working in aged care sector.
Bernice is directly responsible for the day to day running of Edenfield Family Care –Ramsay and drives the overall quality of care provided to residents and as well as overseeing the operational aspects of the facility, critical in ensuring the delivery of high quality care for residents.
Bernice is passionate about establishing positive relationships with Edenfield’s clients and enjoys liaising with families, residents and other allied health professionals on a day to day basis, regarding this as one of the most critical functions of her role.|
Her multidimensional role encompasses Staff leadership, clinical expertise, human resource management, financial input, leading the team through changes; and improving services.

Penny Hooper
Clinical Care Coordinator – Edenfield Ramsay

Penny uses a collaborative approach in an effort to provide optimal clinical care to the client base. Penny is responsible for assessing new and existing resident’s needs with a focus on person centred care and continuous improvement. As a Registered Nurse Penny has 17 years of experience working in Residential Care supporting the elderly and families making the transition to care. This is supported by a background of broad experience in the acute nursing sector as well as Community, Primary Health Care and General Practice Networks.

Desire Wheare
Executive Services Manager – Edenfield Parafield Gardens

Desiree is the Executive Services Manager at Edenfield Parafield Gardens. Desire started commenced her career as an Enrolled Nurse in NSW, before moving to SA and undertaking her Registered Nurse training.
Desiree has been nursing for over 30 years and has worked at many hospitals and Aged care facilities in NSW, SA and also in WA. Desiree has extensive experience in working with facilities  to improve their clinical outcomes and reviewing and improving systems.
Desiree is directly responsible for the day to day running of Edenfield Family Care Parafield Gardens. She is responsible for the overall quality of care provided to the residents and oversees the operational aspects of the facility including providing a high standard of senior management leadership for staff, clinical expertise, financial management, human resource management and continuous improvement practices.

Desley McKinlay
Executive Services Manager  – Edenfield Nerrilda

Desley McKinlay is directly responsible for the day to day running of Edenfield Family Care – Nerrilda. She is the first point of contact for residents and families enquiring about admissions to the facility. She strives to ensure the transition to residential care is as smooth, supportive and transparent as possible. Desley ensures the development, implementation and maintenance of a holistic approach to caring for our residents and  has 15 years experience in complex Aged Care Service Delivery. This equips Desley with  a high level of understanding of the issues faced by aged care Residents, Families and Staff. She is responsible for a positive and responsible leadership, mentorship and direction for staff whilst promoting a strong culture of learning. Desley ensures staff maintain a high clinical level of knowledge to deliver a  High Quality service to our Residents. Desley is responsible for ensuring compliance with funding, contracts, accreditation and legislative requirements and ensures Continuous Improvement underpins all management and service delivery. Desley believes a collaborative approach is the only way to move forward and together we can achieve great things.

Lyn Dearlove
Clinical Care Coordinator – Edenfield Nerrilda