Mission and Vision

Edenfield will become a leader in aged care and will be the preferred provider for senior South Australians looking for premier accommodation and quality care and services.

Our Mission

Our ethos of ‘Caring for your family like our own’, spurs our endeavours to achieve service excellence in an environment that supports the wellbeing, independence, dignity and respect for those in our care.

Our Values

Edenfield Family Care is committed to an approach to care and services that celebrates the contributions of older people and seeks to work with them to ensure that they continue to maintain their chosen lifestyle by:

  1. Assisting them to be actively involved in the community and to maintain their relationships with their family , friends and other people of their choosing.
  2. Providing information to residents so they are able to make informed decisions about their
  3. care and lifestyle and then assisting them to achieve their personal goals.
  4. Working with residents, staff and community members to continually improve the scope, diversity and quality of the care and services we provide
  5. Ensuring we continually enhance our knowledge, skills and experience in aged and community services so that we can offer best practice care and service systems to residents and their families.
  6. Recognising the contributions the residents and our staff, volunteers, and families make to the effectiveness, diversity and quality of our service, and
  7. Managing the business responsibly so that all stakeholders can be confident of the sustainability and viability of the business.