Frequently Asked Questions

An ACCR is an Aged Care Client Record and it denotes eligibility for Aged Care services. Phone 1800 200 422 to arrange an ACCR. This is the National Information Line number.

Residents are required to pay both care and accommodation costs, some of which are met by the Federal Government. Residents may be asked to contribute towards their cost depending on their income and assets.

We are required to provide a certain number of beds for residents who have limited financial means. Depending on your level of assets and income, part or all of your accommodation costs may be met by the Government.

Call the Aged Care Information Hotline on 1800 200 422 and ask for a Request for an Assets Assessment booklet to be sent to you. Alternatively, you can download the booklet from the Dept of Health and Ageing Website: Use the Search box and enter the words ‘Assets Assessment’. You can then download the document.

Residents entering Edenfield will need to choose how to pay for their cost of accommodation either via a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or combination of both. The DAP is calculated from the RAD amount at a government prescribed interest rate (MPIR). A resident can elect to pay a combination of RAD and DAP to suit their financial circumstances.

A resident has up to 28 days after entering aged care to select how their accommodation costs will be paid. i.e. RAD or DAP or combination of both. During the 28 day period, a DAP will be required to be paid by the resident.

Yes, the deposit is fully refundable. However, you can elect to have the agreed Daily Accommodation Payment deducted from the Refundable Accommodation Deposit in order to meet an agreed amount of accommodation payment.

A resident has six months from the date of entry to pay the RAD. Please note a DAP will continue to be payable by the resident in the meantime until the RAD is paid.

The financial implications of aged care are complex. If you have queries, regarding your specific financial situation you may choose to seek independent financial advice. If you have queries regarding Edenfield’s room pricing, payment options or general questions about the costs of aged care, please contact Barbara our Customer Service Coordinator on 08 8281 6966.

Generally most rooms will allow for small pieces of furniture along with personal items such as your favorite chair, TV and photos etc. Beds, bedside cupboards, wardrobes and linen are all provided.

The facility becomes the new home of the resident and as such family and friends are encouraged to visit at their leisure.

Residents are entitled to up to 52 days social leave per year. Fees will still apply for the days absent from the facility.

Yes, Edenfield Family Care have registered nurses on staff and is run by professional, Executive Services Manager with the knowledge, dedication and hands on experience to medically assist your loved one.

Yes, every member of staff is highly trained in their field and we ensure they are constantly kept up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

All public and shared areas within our facilities are air-conditioned, as too are all private rooms.

Yes, all food is prepared onsite by our talented head chefs and catering teams who can cater for any individual dietary requirement.

Yes, onsite daily activities include arts and crafts, movies, music, dancing and a variety of games. Residents regularly have the opportunity of venturing on one of our day trips.

Yes, phones are available in all of our suites.

Yes, we can arrange a variety of appliances and furniture for your loved one’s suite – anything to help make life as comfortable as possible.

Yes, in most cases this is not a problem, depending on your loved ones medical requirements.

Depending on your loved one’s medical condition, small amounts of alcohol may be consumed.

Yes, physiotherapy is a service we provide all of our residents.

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