Our Team At Edenfield Family Care

At Edenfield, we are able to cater to your loved ones by employing an incredible team with a diverse skillset that can cater to all needs. Our carers go above and beyond the industry standards to serve you and your family while they stay at Edenfield. 

Meet The Edenfield Team

Jesse Selvarajah

Managing Director

Anita Lukic

Catering Manager - Parafield Gardens

Tiffany White

Customer Service Manager - Parafield Gardens

Amelia Lemmey

Training and Compliance - Parafield Gardens

Michele Ryan

Customer Service Coordinator - Nerrilda

Belina Nelson

Customer Service Coordinator - Ramsay

Danis Lal

Procurement and Maintenance Manager - Head Office

Sarah Penny

Lifestyle Assistant - Parafield Gardens

Tony Toohey

Maintenance Manager - Parafield Gardens

Tim Thompson

Catering Manager - Nerrilda

Hayley Tea

Customer Service Coordinator - Ramsay

Colleen Ridgen

Lifestyle Coordinator - Ramsay

Teresa Philips

Customer Service Coordinator - Parafield Gardens

Fiona Barrie

Executive Services Manager - Parafield Gardens

Sue Hall

ACFI Coordinator - Parafield Gardens

Lynne Martin

Clinical Nurse - Nerrilda

Nathan Mollenhof

Chef Manager - Nerrilda & Ramsay

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