Unsure What To Do?

Entry Criteria

Before your loved one can begin receiving aged care assistance, they will need to be assessed by your regional Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Your local GP can refer you to your local ACAT representative who will provide you with a document outlining the approval for community support or aged care placement. This unobtrusive assessment can be conducted in the comfort of your loved ones home or in hospital if required.

This document will be required by all government funded aged care service providers and is your first step in seeking the required level of care for your loved one.

The ACAT is made up of doctors, nurses and social workers and they will assess your individual needs, taking into account your home life, medical history and support networks in order to work out the best care option for you.

An ACAT assessment is free and is valid for at least 12 months.

Additionally, all people moving into a residential aged care facility will need to have their assets and income assessed by the Department of Human Services. This assessment is used to determine the fees you may be required to pay. (You can download this form here)

Come and Visit Us

If you are interested in Edenfield for yourself or a loved one please contact our Customer Service Coordinator, Barbara or any of our friendly managers, who would love to take you for a tour of our home.

After being shown our home they will give you our application form.

The application form will ask you to provide information about your personal circumstances and preferences and allows for a better assessment of your needs as well as providing important legal and financial information.

The information you provide on the application form will be kept private. The information provided will also assist us to assess whether we have a place that is appropriate for you, with the right level of care required.

If you wish someone else to act on your behalf such as a family member, close friend or solicitor you will need to indicate this on the application form. Privacy laws prohibit aged care residences from dealing with anyone other than those nominated by you.

When a place becomes available you or your nominated person will be contacted by the aged care residence. You do not have to accept this place if your circumstances have changed or you have changed your mind about the residence.

Moving in with Us

Living in an aged care residence will be different from the way that you have lived before. Not only is it a new environment but you are living with many new people all under the one roof.

Moving into a new home can be an anxious time for you and your loved one.

An important part of our role is to ensure a smooth transition and to assist your loved one to settle into their new home. We achieve this by spending considerable time with prospective families discussing the process of moving in, problems which may be encountered, family dynamics and how to handle the anxiety of separation. In our experience we find a problem becomes easier to manage if it is flagged and supported up front.

On the day of entry we will help you move in and hang up any valued photos in your loved one’s suite.

Jesse, our friendly proprietor will also personally welcome you into your family member’s new home and present them with a gift. Additionally you will be invited to join your loved one to have lunch on us for the day.

At Edenfield, our staff will give you the level of support you need to enable your loved one to maintain and improve their independence and quality of life. Support comes in various ways; through daily activities; living in a safe, happy and secure environment; having access to clinical and medical support when needed or simply having the peace of mind that being around others brings.

What Can I Take With Me?

Edenfield Family Care will provide most of the furnishings you need. However, you can choose to bring some of your own items if you wish. We will be able to advise you as to what is acceptable.

Items which are generally accepted (although exceptions will apply) include:

  • A favourite chair;
  • Television / video / DVD;
  • Radio / CD player;
  • Bedside light;
  • Small bedside table;
  • Single Bed Quilt/Cover or Bed Spread;
  • Photos;
  • Pictures / paintings;
  • Books, music and other memorabilia.

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