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Diabetes And Special Needs

For those living with Diabetes, the sweetest thing is a little understanding.

Living with Diabetes can be challenging at the best of times, but when your loved one requires the care and support of assisted living, specialised care becomes even more important.

Our highly trained staff and facilities are trained and equipped for such support. From tailored dietary requirements to medical assistance and medication administration, at Edenfield, we care for those suffering from diabetes.

Upon joining the Edenfield family, each resident is given a comprehensive Nursing assessment to determine your loved ones current diabetic status. Following this, Edenfield Staff, in consultation with our in-house Doctor, will establish a unique care plan to ensure comprehensive and timely diabetic support is delivered.

Edenfield Family Care also specialises in catering for dietary requirements of all kinds. With all meals prepared, in-house, by a team of talented cooks and chefs, delicious nutrition plans can be uniquely tailored to your loved ones needs.

Throughout your loved one’s residence, our caring staff will monitor the status of your loved one’s diabetes with regular and routine Blood Glucose Monitoring. In the event that your loved one might experience any diabetic emergency such as Hypoglycaemia or Hyperglycaemic-ketoacidosis, Edenfield Care Clinical Staff are always close at hand to ensure assistance and support is administered.

Edenfield Family Care has a comprehensive exercise and activity program overseen by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to assist, maintain or improve your loved one’s independence and diabetic control.

For more information on Diabetes assistance and specialisation, or to discover more about our tailored meal solutions, call us today.


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