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Our Story

Edenfield Family Care is a leading approved provider of Residential Care based in South Australia. With three aged care facilities in the portfolio. We are a preferred provider for senior living in South Australia and pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering a care solution driven by compassion, understanding and pride in what we do, and believe in.

As a family owned and operated business, our pursuit to deliver aged care is underpinned by an ideology of “caring for your family like our own”. This statement is a key component of our vision and is why we are perceived as the solution for senior Australians looking for premium accommodation, exceptional care and the highest quality services.

Life In Our Family


Edenfield Family care employs qualified chefs who prepare freshly cooked meals onsite daily. Meals can be tailored to meet specific dietary requirements.

Leisure and Lifestyle

Our leisure and lifestyle program comprises a diverse range of individual, group and community focused activities.

Diabetes and
special diet

Living with Diabetes can be challenging at the best of times, but when your loved one requires the care and support of assisted living, specialised care becomes even more important.

Respite care

Edenfield short-stay respite care options can give your loved one the break they need from the day-to-day.

Palliative care

Our palliative care option caters for residents with life-limiting illnesses and the need for a higher level of care and management.

Memory loss and dementia

Loved ones with memory loss and dementia require special attention and care, to ensure the continuance of a complete and satisfying lifestyle.

Services for

We offer a range of services catered specially to veterans. We are trained and understand the challenges that can come with providing aged care to veterans, and how best to support them.

24/7 care and

Get to know our expert team who work around the clock to care and cater for your loved ones. 

Aged Care has been a part of my family my whole life. It’s a privilege to invite more families to join our EdenField family!

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Signs That Care Is Needed

Sometimes the need for care will appear suddenly, following a fall, a stroke or illness that impacts the lives of your loved one. Other times it is a more gradual progression and in these circumstances the sooner you begin the conversation the better.

Knowing when it’s time can be difficult, however, if your loved one struggles or needs assistance with the following it may be time care options are explored.

Unsure What To Do

Before your loved one can begin receiving aged care assistance, they will need to be assessed by your regional Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Your local GP can refer you to your local ACAT representative who will provide you with a document outlining the approval for community support or aged care placement. This unobtrusive assessment can be conducted in the comfort of your loved ones home or in hospital if required.


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