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Leisure and Lifestyle

Our leisure and lifestyle program comprises a diverse range of individual, group and community focused activities. Lifestyle staff consider residents’ health status, past and present interests, cultural and religious needs and individual preferences in developing a lifestyle program for each resident. An activity planner is updated and published periodically for your information. The planner is available at the reception. We encourage all residents to participate in our leisure and lifestyle programs both for sheer enjoyment and to help maintain good physical and mental abilities and interests.

As part of our leisure and lifestyle program, Edenfield Family Care provides scheduled outings and visits to the local community. Details of the next outing can be found on the monthly activity calendar at reception or obtained from the leisure and lifestyle team.

Our residents are invited to participate as appropriate in daily group or individual activities, enjoy performances by professional entertainers, relaxation & meditation classes, art & craft, mens’ groups, happy hour, monthly birthday celebrations and much more.

Our dedicated Leisure & Lifestyle team are happy to discuss any ideas residents or their family members may have about activities or interests and we are willing to expand and develop programs to cater to individual interests.


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